Contact Information
Magnet and Permits With Transportation (PWT)
Magnet and PWT are administered by the Student Integration Services.
Tel: (877) 4MAG-PWT (877) 462-4798
(213) 241-4177
(213) 241-6572
Hours of Operation:
7:00am-6:30pm Monday through Friday

Student Integration Services

Dual Language Education Programs
LAUSD offers Dual Language Education programs from Kindergarten to 12th grade.
Tel: (213) 241-2550
Hours of Operation:
7:00am-6:30pm Monday through Friday

Dual Language Education Programs

GATE is administered by the Gifted/Talented Programs Office.
Tel: (213) 241-6500

Gifted/Talented Website

Special Education
Special Education is administered by the Division of Special Education.
Tel: (213) 241-6701

Special Education Website

Transportation Branch
Tel: 1-800-LA-BUSES or (213)580-2950

Transportation Website

LAUSD Boundary/Demographics
Please use LAUSD School Finder to find your resident/nearest school(s) or for further information on boundaries contact Master Planning and Demographics.
Tel: (213) 241-8044