General Information


L.A. Unified recognizes our students’ cultural and linguistic assets. We are committed to providing language pathways that will enable our students to develop and strengthen their cognitive, academic, cultural, and economic capabilities. L.A. Unified is proud to offer wide-ranging dual language education and bilingual programs that provide our students with opportunities to develop the multilingual and multicultural skills necessary to compete in a global society.

This website is a resource for families who want to find out more and apply to pathways where their children can become bilingual/biliterate and culturally competent. L.A. Unified offers programs in grades K to 12 where students can continue to achieve higher levels of language proficiency, participate in the CA Seal of Biliteracy, and be prepared to enter and compete in the global economy. Currently, there are 101 Dual Language, Maintenance Bilingual, Transitional Bilingual, and Foreign Language Immersion programs districtwide. The programs are offered in Spanish, Korean, Mandarin, French, Armenian, and Arabic. New programs are added each year.

Program Goals

One of the District’s goals is to increase the number of graduating seniors who are bilingual and biliterate. As students continue to participate in Dual Language/Bilingual programs from Kindergarten to 12th Grade, they reach advanced levels of academic and language proficiency in both languages and gain cross-cultural understanding and competence. In addition, students in these programs have an opportunity to earn the LAUSD Biliteracy Award in 5th and 8th grades, as well as the LAUSD and CA Seal of Biliteracy in 12th grade.

Dual Language/Bilingual Programs

Dual Language/Bilingual Programs are located on regular school campuses with access to activities and experiences shared with the host school. Please review the following web links to determine the programs that fit your child’s needs.