Application Process/Guidelines, Selection Preferences and Lottery

Application Process for 2018-2019: On-Time Processes

If you’re interested in submitting your application online, please visit to do so. If you’d like to submit a paper application please pick up a paper application from your school of choice or print out a paper application which can be downloaded from

Application Process for 2018-2019: Late Processes

Applicants who wish to apply to a Dual Language Education Program after the November 16, 2018 deadline may submit a late application online through website. The late application will only allow for a single choice and will open February 1, 2018. Available seats for late applicants will be open after all of the students on the waiting list have been offered placement at the selected school site. Each Program’s openings are determined by language classification and by available space. Filling out a late application does not guarantee student placement.

General Application Guidelines

  • Each program’s openings are determined by language classification and by available space.
  • Students placed on a waiting list may be contacted regarding an opening up through the first month of school.
  • Siblings of students who have left the school, have culminated, or will culminate this school year, do not have sibling priority.
  • If a twin is selected, the other twin is accepted automatically.
  • Before making your school selection, please call the school to obtain information regarding the school’s orientation meeting, tours, uniform requirements and other pertinent information.
  • The applicant agrees to abide by the uniform policy or dress code set by the program selected and hereby waives any right to opt out.
  • Although you have the option to select up to three different Dual Language Education Programs, it is not mandatory to do so. Please see Program Selection for information on how the selection process handles the second or third choice(s) before you list an optional school on your application.
  • DO NOT SUBMIT A NEW APPLICATION if your child is currently enrolled in a Dual Language Education Program and wishes to continue at the same school. Applicants currently enrolled in a Dual Language Education Program who apply and are selected for another program school will automatically be dropped from their current program whether they accept or decline.
  • If selected, parent/guardian may accept or decline online or by calling the school by the deadline on the selection letter. If a response is not received by the deadline, it is considered a decline.
  • Dual Language Education Programs do not accrue Magnet priority points.

Selection Preferences

A lottery priority for applicants will be applied as follows:

  1. Siblings who live within the attendance boundary
  2. Students who live within the attendance boundary
  3. Siblings residing within LAUSD boundaries
  4. Students residing within LAUSD boundaries
  5. Siblings requiring an Inter-District Permit
  6. Students requiring an Inter-District Permit


If there are more applicants than spaces available at the school, a lottery will be conducted from within each priority group and seats will be assigned in priority order. There is no priority point accrual process for Dual Language Education Programs.

Provisional Acceptance

  • Language Classification
    For all programs, a student’s probable language classification will be determined by a series of questions on the application, similar to that of the Home Language Survey until the CELDT test is administered.
  • Students Requiring Inter-District Permit
    Once placement has been offered, parents must complete the Inter-District Permit Process to finalize enrollment at the assigned school.
  • English Proficient (EO, IFEP, RFEP) Students in grades 2-12
    Once placement has been offered and before the parent accepts the placement, the parent must contact the school to make arrangements to see if the applicant meets target language proficiency requirements.