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On this website you will find important information regarding Student Integration Services programs. The Office of Student Integration Services is in charge of the District’s court-ordered Integration Programs such as Magnet and Permits With Transportation. To navigate through this website, please click on the topics above for more information.

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Mission Statement The mission of Student Integration Services is to provide through collaborative efforts educational and tactical services related to compliance and policy issues, to provide support to students, teachers, parents, administrators, superintendents and support personnel representing the Educational Service Centers, and to ensure maximum success for the varied socio-economic and culturally diverse student population of the
Los Angeles Unified School District.
The Space Available process allows applicants to apply for Magnet programs that may have openings. Applicants will be called by the school site when an opening becomes available. This may occur after April 2014 through January 2015.

To view a list of Magnet programs with available space please click on the link below:


Space Available applicants are not assigned priority points and do not accrue any priority points. Space available seats will open after all of the students on the Waiting list have been offered placement at the selected school site.

Each Magnet’s openings are determined by the need to maintain a racially balanced enrollment as mandated by the Court Order and by available space. Please be aware that filling out a space available application does not guarantee student placement.

To apply online, click the 2014-2015 Space Available Application link above. When you apply online, you will receive a confirmation number and a receipt of application. Applicants will also be able to view their applications.

You may also print the Space Available application from the eChoices.lausd.net website or use the paper application found in the Choices brochure and mail it to: LAUSD Administrative Building Student Integration Services, 25th floor, 333 S. Beaudry Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90017.
Priority will be given to students residing within the attendance boundary. All other eligible LAUSD students will be selected provided there is still space available.

Please be aware that transportation routes and pick-up/drop off locations have been established for the 2013-2014 school year. No new stops will be added. Before choosing a school, you may call the Transportation Services Division parent line at (213) 580-2950.

You may apply to the following
Continuous Enrollment Magnet schools:
Dr. Sammy Lee ES Crenshaw HS
Irving MS King MS
Sun Valley MS Westchester HS
Wright MS  
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Magnet Programs
The LAUSD Magnet Program is one of the most successful in the Nation. Since 1977, the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) has been in the forefront of providing high-quality instruction and a rigorous curriculum designed to facilitate student learning and promote academic achievement for all District students participating in its Court-Ordered voluntary integration programs.

The Magnet and Permits With Transportation (PWT) programs are in alignment with LAUSD goals: 100 percent graduation, proficiency for all, 100 percent attendance, parent and community engagement, and school safety. Students participating in either program are required to take and pass A-G courses necessary to become college-prepared and career-ready.

The Magnet and PWT programs were established to address the Five Harms of Racial Isolation: Low Academic Achievement, Low Self-Esteem, Lack of Access to Postsecondary Opportunities, Interracial Hostility and Intolerance, and Overcrowded Conditions. Magnets offer theme-based instructional opportunities to all students in grades K-12, living within the boundaries of LAUSD. Currently, there are 191 Magnet Programs located throughout the District. All District students, including English Learners, Special Education and Gifted/Talented are encouraged to apply.

Permits With Transportation
PWT is a court-ordered voluntary integration program available to residents of the Los Angeles Unified School District who live within a PWT sending school area. The PWT program provides students with integrated experiences by placing Hispanic, Black, Asian and Other Non-Anglo students in integrated school settings while providing opportunities for Other White (OW) students to attend Predominantly Hispanic, Black, Asian and Other Non-Anglo (PHBAO) schools. School assignments and availability are the responsibility of the District.


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