General Program Information

Two different programs are available through Choices: Magnet and Permits With Transportation (PWT)

Since 1977, the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) has been in the forefront of offering exciting educational choices to its residents. Two of these choices are the Magnet and Permits With Transportation (PWT) programs. From kindergarten to twelfth grade (PWT begins in first grade), your child may participate in a Court-Ordered voluntary integration program while pursuing his or her academic interest in a special environment for learning. All participating students take the required course work necessary for promotion and graduation and have the opportunity to meet all requirements for entrance to the University of California and the California State Universities. These programs are choices that work-for students, parents, the community and the nation.

All integration programs, including Magnet and PWT, were established by Court Order to address the five harms of racial isolation:

  • Low Academic Achievement
  • Low Self-Esteem
  • Lack of Access to Postsecondary Opportunities
  • Interracial Hostility and Intolerance
  • Overcrowded Conditions


Magnet Programs are Court-ordered voluntary integration opportunities available to students in grades K-12, living within the LAUSD boundaries. Currently, there are 260 Magnet Programs located throughout the District. All District students, including English Learners, Special Education and Gifted/Talented are encouraged to apply.

District-paid transportation may be provided for ELEMENTARY (K-5) applicants if they reside outside a two-mile radius of the Magnet school or outside the school’s attendance boundary, whichever is further.

District-paid transportation may be provided for SECONDARY (6-12) applicants if they reside outside a five-mile radius of the Magnet school or outside the school’s attendance boundary, whichever is further. This rule does not apply to students attending the following span schools: Arroyo Seco Museum Science, Sherman Oaks Center for Enriched Studies, Valley Alternative Liberal Arts and Westside Global Awareness Ecosystems/Environmental Science.

Permits With Transportation (PWT)

PWT is a Court-ordered voluntary integration program available to residents of the Los Angeles Unified School District who live within a PWT sending school area.

The PWT Program provides transportation for students voluntarily attending schools other than resident schools. To address the Court-designated harms of segregation, the PWT Program is designed to provide students with integrated experiences by placing Hispanic, Black, Asian and Other Non-Anglo students in integrated settings while providing opportunities for Other White (OW) students to attend Predominantly Hispanic, Black, Asian, and Other Non-Anglo (PHBAO) schools. School assignments for PWT applicantsare the responsibility of the District.

Transportation Information

Routes and pick-up/drop-off locations have been established for the 2018-2019 school year, no new stops will be added. For information about existing routes, contact the school’s Magnet coordinator or Transportation Branch at 1-800-LA-BUSES or (213)-580-2950. BEFORE MAKING YOUR SELECTION, determine if the closest pick-up/drop-off point is a reasonable distance from your home.

NOTE: The maximum one-way riding time guideline for all students (grades Kindergarten through 12) is 90 minutes. This applies to all bus routes.

Special Education Information

Magnet program enrollment opportunities are available to all students in grades K-12 living within LAUSD boundaries. Students with an Individualized Education Program (IEP) may apply for enrollment in Magnet or PWT programs to the extent as general education students. The process includes a review of individual student IEPs by the Division of Special Education following parent notification of selection at the identified Magnet school/center or PWT program to ensure appropriate supports and services are in place for the beginning of the applicable school year. Questions may be directed to the Special Education Support Unit Office at (213) 241-6701.

Other LAUSD Program Options

There are other programs to choose from that are NOT part of the Choices process. For more information Click Here.