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1206802 ALLESANDRO ES (Cooperative Learning)

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General Theme Description:
The Liberal Arts Magnet theme provides programs that prepare students to be knowledgeable citizens of the 21st century and empower them to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing world. The programs are dedicated to the formation of knowledge in Humanities, Social Policy or World Languages areas or to utilize alternative pedagogies. Academic excellence and commitment to the values of diversity, community and collaboration provide the foundation in Liberal Arts Magnet schools.
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Success Secret:
Allesandro Cooperative Learning Magnet offers a safe, academically challenging environment instilling our students with the essential 21st century skills to be productive citizens. Allesandro CLM incorporates Kagan Cooperative Learning strategies to increase academic achievement, improve peer relations, enhance self-esteem, and develop students' social skills.
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Magnet Tours All tours will be on Fridays @ 9:00am. Call now to reserve your spot. Our office is open from 7:00am- 4:30pm For magnet tour appointments or inquires, please contact our Magnet coordinator Veronica Estrada at (323)666-7162 or E-mail:
Magnet Vision:
Allesandro Cooperative Learning Magnet encompasses an environment of collaboration, critical thinking, and high expectations to sustain student achievement. We are a dedicated and focused school community, committed to serving the academic needs of all our students. The shared vision of the Cooperative Learning Magnet is to promote student achievement and assist our students in becoming independent, self-sustained, lifelong learners
Magnet Mission:
The Allesandro Cooperative Learning Magnet and community are committed to the education of the whole child so that each may develop his/her maximum potential to be a productive citizen within our diverse society.
Academic/Career Pathways:
The Allesandro Cooperative Learning Magnet is an excelling magnet that has been ranked 8 of 10 by We continue to make academic gains in English Language Arts and Mathematics. 2017-2018 SBAC results demonstrated that 86% of our students met/exceeded English Language Arts standards and 81% met/exceeded Math standards.
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Community Partnerships:
Allesandro Cooperative Learning Magnet (ACLM) works diligently to reinforce parent-teacher relationships. We believe parent-teacher collaboration is the key in academic achievement and success. The local neighborhood council supports student achievement with scholarships for technology. We also share a partnership with the Los Angeles Dodgers Organization which supports our student achievement through various activities.
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After-School Programs:
We offer various after-school programs: *Homework Center-2:38p.m.- 3:30pm.- Assists students with homework from *LA's Best program -2:38p.m.-6:00pm- Students engage in various multi-disciplinary activities including Homework time. *EYS- Elementary Youth Services program- 2:38p.m.-6:00pm-Offers outdoor play and other activities.
Other Theme-Based Activities:
At ACLM (Allesandro Cooperative Learning Magnet) our students engage in Project Based Learning which incorporates various aspects of cooperative learning. Cooperative Learning is how our students learn and is in integral part our success. Through Project Based Learning our students are engaged in multi-disciplinary activities which enables them to become effective collaborators, communicators, critical thinkers and problem solvers.
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