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1209602 AMESTOY ES (Multilingual/Multicultural)

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General Theme Description:
The Liberal Arts Magnet theme provides programs that prepare students to be knowledgeable citizens of the 21st century and empower them to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing world. The programs are dedicated to the formation of knowledge in Humanities, Social Policy or World Languages areas or to utilize alternative pedagogies. Academic excellence and commitment to the values of diversity, community and collaboration provide the foundation in Liberal Arts Magnet schools.
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We provide an opportunity for students to acquire a second language in Spanish, Vietnamese, and Mandarin. Projects increase student's appreciation for and understanding of ethnic and cultural similarities/differences.
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Tour Information:
Please call the magnet coordinator at the school site to inquire about campus tours. The magnet coordinator is on campus Mondays and Thursdays.
Magnet Vision:
At Amestoy Multilingual/Multicultural Magnet School, we envision a compelling future where we are collectively committed to creating a cohesive, collaborative, and united learning community that delivers a rigorous standards-based instructional program, where all teachers, administrators, staff members, students, and parents hold high expectations for all. Grade K-1 students’ culture and language focus will be Spanish. Students in grades 2 and 5 will have literature based multicultural instruction. 3rd grade focus will be Vietnamese and 4th will be Mandarin.
Magnet Mission:
At Amestoy Multilingual/Multicultural Magnet School, our fundamental purpose is to develop lifelong learners who will reach their greatest potential and become productive contributing members of society. We believe that students and teachers should learn and teach to their highest potentials in order to create an effective and optimal learning environment. Our school will provide a physically and emotionally safe environment that is differentiated to support all students’ needs in a sensitive and culturally relevant and responsive way.
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Academic Competition Teams:
We offer a beginners Chess Club Program and an advanced Chess Club Program. They compete locally and enjoy working together after school as a team. We also have an after school Robotics Club.
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Other Theme-Based Activities:
In addition to our focus on language and culture, we want our students to be college and career ready in all aspects of life. Amestoy Elementary which shares the same campus as the magnet school is also a STEAM Academy providing our students with opportunities to integrate science, technology, engineering, arts, and math into their daily instruction. Students participate in weekly hands-on science experiments in our new science lab.
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