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1227402 BALDWIN HILLS ES (Gifted)

Detailed Information:
General Theme Description:
Gifted Magnets serve students who demonstrate ability or strong potential to work two years above grade level in academic subjects. These centers offer enriched interdisciplinary academic environments that are exciting, challenging, and encourage students to use creative/critical-thinking skills. High Ability and Highly Gifted applicants may apply to a Gifted Magnet.

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Program Capacity 2018-2019:
Applications Received 2017-2018:
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Success Secret:
Our school is successful because of the rigorous and culturally responsive curriculum design. Our gifted magnet classes engage in differentiated instruction, novel study units, hands on equations, Problem/Project Based Learning and many other accelerated and higher-level analytical activities. With 3 National Board Certified teachers on staff, a technology center, Wonder of Reading Library and instrumental and choral music programs, our students' talents and educational experiences thrive. Our strong parent group supports our staff, students and school's mission.
Single Track
Tour Information:
Campus Tours are offered the 1st Fridays of every month from September until May.
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Academic/Career Pathways:
Academic Competition Teams:
Athletic Teams:
Community Partnerships:
Baldwin Hills is proud to have a strong relationship with our community partners; Councilman President Herb Wesson Jr., Ralphs, UCLA, P.S. Arts, and Delta Sigma Theta Sorority.
Advanced Placement (AP) Course Offerings:
International Baccalaureate (IB) Program:
After-School Programs:
LAs Best, Youth Services, and Ethan's After school Enrichment Program.
Other Theme-Based Activities:
Engineering, Yoga, and Chess are offered as extensions/enrichment to our core curriculum during the instructional day. Our problem/project based learning units are student centered and are presented to our parents throughout the year.
Wall of Fame/Notable Alumni:
Cheryl Hildreth, Local District West Superintendent, Chris Carter, Baltimore Ravens NFL player, Jherie Aiko, R & B Singer/Songwriter, Todd Bridges, Actor, and numerous Educators, Attorneys and Judges.