magnet icon 1326002 COWAN AV ES (Gifted/International Humanities)

1326002 COWAN AV ES (Gifted/International Humanities)

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General Theme Description:
Gifted Magnets serve students who demonstrate ability or strong potential to work two years above grade level in academic subjects. These centers offer enriched interdisciplinary academic environments that are exciting, challenging, and encourage students to use creative/critical-thinking skills. High Ability and Highly Gifted applicants may apply to a Gifted Magnet.

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Curriculum adapted for gifted learners with an emphasis on international studies and humanities. Program features second language instruction and multicultural enrichment activities with a global perspective.
Single Track
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MAGNET TOURS: Every Tuesday Morning 8:30 am Tours are also available by appointment.
Magnet Vision:
Our primary goal is to provide an exceptional education for every student through engagement, excellence, and empowerment. We build student capacity through global awareness and connectivity using state of the art technology and innovation. We are building tomorrow's global leaders who are prepared to challenge and redefine the status quo.
Magnet Mission:
Together we will build a world where cultural diversity is celebrated and utilized to empower global leadership. We will prepare to students to interact and establish global relationships using state of the art technology and humanities curriculum. With an integrated arts and humanities curriculum students experience a hands-on, project-based learning environment.
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Loyola Marymount University Family of Schools
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International Baccalaureate (IB) Program:
After-School Programs:
Enrichment Center (K-6) Future First (K-6) Youth Services (2-6)
Other Theme-Based Activities:
With an emphasis on international global humanities our students have the opportunity to practice collaboration, as well as, critical and creative thinking tasks essential for achieving 21st century college and career readiness skills. 1:1 iPad Ratio Visual Arts Computer Coding Yoga Spanish Vocal Music Dancing Classrooms Robotics Drums Library Physical Education Field Trips Smart Boards in each room Laptops Overnight Science Camp-Grades 4-6
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