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1807502 BURROUGHS MS (Gifted)

Detailed Information:
General Theme Description:
Gifted Magnets serve students who demonstrate ability or strong potential to work two years above grade level in academic subjects. These centers offer enriched interdisciplinary academic environments that are exciting, challenging, and encourage students to use creative/critical-thinking skills. High Ability and Highly Gifted applicants may apply to a Gifted Magnet.

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Program Capacity 2018-2019:
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Success Secret:
We believe in a college-going culture that provides a rigorous, academically demanding and challenging curriculum balanced with enrichment and technology to help students compete in a global society.
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Tour Information:
Wednesday, Oct. 4, 2017 Wednesday, Oct. 11, 2017 Wednesday, Oct. 19, 2017 All tours begin at 8:30 a.m. in the Auditorium. Spanish and Korean translation is provided.
Magnet Vision:
The Magnet Program provides a rigorous curriculum in a personalized learning environment maximizing students’ academic performance by preparing our students for college and beyond. They will be prepared to clearly and effectively express themselves in oral as well as written communication. Furthermore, they will attain the necessary problem solving skills, critical thinking skills and interpersonal skills to prepare for leadership roles in the 21st century and the global economy.
Magnet Mission:
Our mission is to provide a successful and nurturing instructional environment that addresses the affective domain a well as cognitive, physical, and intuitive needs of gifted learners. With the understanding that advanced learners require an enriched curriculum, the following characteristics of the program include: o Advanced comprehension and accelerated learning o Addressing students’ needs for complexity and intensity o Fulfilling students desire for greater depth o Providing an arena for risk taking and novelty The academic experience provided at John Burroughs Middle School directs all students to achieve their highest learning potential. Additionally, students will be challenged and encouraged to take personal responsibility for their learning and achievement enabling them to grow as life-long independent learners.
Academic/Career Pathways:
Dual Language Programs in Korean and Spanish - Our Dual programs comply with a 50/50 model of language immersion programs. Accelerated and Highly Accelerated Mathematics Pathway
Academic Competition Teams:
Academic Pentathlon Success o 1st Place: 8th Grade Overall Team o 1st Place: 8th Grade Super Quiz Team
Athletic Teams:
Community Partnerships:
Advanced Placement (AP) Course Offerings:
International Baccalaureate (IB) Program:
After-School Programs:
Beyond the Bell - LA'S Best 2:49 - 6:00 PM
Other Theme-Based Activities:
Wall of Fame/Notable Alumni:
2017 - Gold Ribbon Award from California Department of Education (CDE) 2017 - Title 1 Academic Achievement School