magnet icon 1823804 MILLIKAN CHARTER MS (Social/Gender Equity)

1823804 MILLIKAN CHARTER MS (Social/Gender Equity)

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General Theme Description:
The Liberal Arts Magnet theme provides programs that prepare students to be knowledgeable citizens of the 21st century and empower them to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing world. The programs are dedicated to the formation of knowledge in Humanities, Social Policy or World Languages areas or to utilize alternative pedagogies. Academic excellence and commitment to the values of diversity, community and collaboration provide the foundation in Liberal Arts Magnet schools.
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Success Secret:
At SAGE, we are concerned with the whole child, placing as much emphasis on academic success as we do on social-emotional success. By building community amongst our students, we grow and make positive change together.
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Visit our website,, for information on tour dates and a link to sign up.
Magnet Vision:
It doesn't matter what gender, race, sexuality or religion you are - your path to power lies in your own character, your service to the greater good, your ability to raise your voice and to defend your own position, and in your abiding connection to friends, peers and family. Rise above the false limitations imposed on you by culture and the media. You have within you limitless possibilities. Let's realize those possibilities together.
Magnet Mission:
For every child to see themselves reflected in a curriculum that includes figures of all genders, colors and sexualities, figures who have seen a problem in their world and fixed it. With this inspiration, children will then be given the tools to make their own positive change, and to make the world a better place. At SAGE we also understand that the social emotional needs of middle school children need to be met at every level. To that end, we are partnering with the UCLA Mindfulness Foundation, and will build in a program of mindfulness, stress management, community building, meditation and, in lieu of PE, a three year program of yoga.
Academic/Career Pathways:
SAGE is for children interested in student government, civic engagement and public speech and debate.
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