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1852907 BANNING HS (Firefighter/Emergency Medical Services)

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Public Service Magnets are designed and tailored to prepare and young people who wish to pursue careers in criminology, fire, forensics, medicine, law and political science. There is strong focus on critical thinking, problem solving and communication, enabling students to see the connections between their classroom curriculum and the challenges of today’s world. These Magnets are ideal settings for future doctors, fire fighters, lawyers, police officers and other professions related to the Public Service field.
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We are preparing all students to be college prepared and career ready to be a qualified candidate for a rewarding career as first responders, such as firefighters.
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Please contact the school at 310-847-3700.
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Academic/Career Pathways:
By participating in the Fire Fighter Magnet, students will complete the A-G courses which make them eligible for four-year universities as well as career options after high school. By the time they graduate, students will be able to take the EMT exam in order to become a paramedic, go to the Fire Fighter Academy, go to college, or any combination of the three.
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Community Partnerships:
The Fire Fighter Academy works directly with the Los Angeles Fire Department.
Advanced Placement (AP) Course Offerings:
International Baccalaureate (IB) Program:
After-School Programs:
While being a part of the Fire Fighter Magnet, students are, also, able to participate in athletics, clubs, an other programs that Banning High School offers.
Other Theme-Based Activities:
Students will be able to attend various trainings at the local fire station, they participate in Physical Training twice a week led by our LAFD partners.
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