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Gifted+ Gifted Magnets serve students who demonstrate ability or strong potential to work two years above grade level in academic subjects. These centers offer enriched interdisciplinary academic environments that are exciting, challenging, and encourage students to use creative/critical-thinking skills. High Ability and Highly Gifted applicants may apply to a Gifted Magnet.

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School Name School CodeGradesAddressZipLDTrans Info
74TH ST ES (Gifted)16644021-52112 W 74TH ST90047W View
ADAMS MS (Gifted)18009026-8151 W 30TH ST90007C View
ALTA CALIFORNIA ES (Gifted/Science/Technology/Engineering/Arts/Math)17398022-514859 RAYEN ST91402NW View
AMBLER AV ES (Gifted)12089021-5319 E SHERMAN DR90746S View
AUDUBON MS (Gifted)18028026-84120 11TH AVE90008W View
BALBOA ES (Gifted)12269011-517020 LABRADOR ST91325NW View
BALDWIN HILLS ES (Gifted)12274021-55421 RODEO RD90016W View
BANCROFT MS (Gifted/Science/Technology/Engineering/Arts/Math) 18038036-8929 N LAS PALMAS AVE90038W View
BELL HS (Gifted/Science/Technology/Engineering/Math)18536149-124328 BELL AVE90201E View
BRADDOCK DR ES (Gifted)12479022-54711 INGLEWOOD BLVD90230W View
BURBANK BL ES (Gifted/Global Learning)12630022-512215 ALBERS ST91607NE View
BURROUGHS MS (Gifted)18075026-8600 S MC CADDEN PL90005W View
CANTERBURY AV ES (Gifted)12781021-513670 MONTAGUE ST91331NE View
COMMONWEALTH AV ES (Gifted/Arts/Technology)13192022-5215 S COMMONWEALTH AVE90004C View
COWAN AV ES (Gifted/International Humanities)13260021-67615 COWAN AVE90045W View
DODSON MS (Gifted)18110026-828014 MONTEREINA DR90275S View
DREW MS (Gifted)18112027-88511 COMPTON AVE90001S View
EAGLE ROCK ES (Gifted)13507032-62057 FAIR PARK AVE90041C View
EAGLE ROCK HS (Gifted)18614027-121750 YOSEMITE DR90041C View
EL SERENO MS (Gifted)18118036-82839 N EASTERN AVE90032E View
EUCLID AV ES (Gifted/Science/Technology/Engineering/Arts/Math)13671021-5806 EUCLID AVE90023E View
HALE CHARTER ACADEMY (Gifted/Science/Technology/Engineering/Arts/Math)18169026-823830 CALIFA ST91367NW View
KENNEDY, J.F. HS (Gifted/Medical)18725089-1211254 GOTHIC AVE91344NW View
KESTER AV ES (Gifted)14726021-55353 KESTER AVE91411NE View
KING MS (Gifted/Arts/Technology)18208026-84201 FOUNTAIN AVE90029C View