Visual and Performing Arts

Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA) Magnets. Learning the skills and knowledge for creating, refining, and sharing works in the Arts, Media, and Entertainment industry promotes teamwork, communication, creative thinking, and decision-making abilities. These are all traits needed to function successfully in the competitive and media-rich 21st century. Whether the student has already achieved a level of accomplishment or demonstrated an interest or potential to grow in an art form, Visual and Performing Arts Magnets provide highly rewarding learning experiences.
School Name School CodeGradesAddressZipLDTrans Info
32ND ST/USC ES(Performing Arts)1713701K-5822 W 32ND ST90007C View
BANCROFT MS(Performing Arts)18038026-8929 N LAS PALMAS AVE90038W View
BELVEDERE MS(Latin Music)18047036-8312 N RECORD AVE90063E View
CHAVEZ LA ArTES(Arts/Theatre/Entertainment)17715019-121001 ARROYO AVE91340NE View
CRENSHAW HS(Visual/Performing Arts)18596029-125010 11TH AVE90043W View
DODSON MS(Visual/Performing Arts)18110036-828014 MONTEREINA DR90275S View
FAIRFAX HS(Visual Arts)18621029-127850 MELROSE AVE90046W View
GRIFFITH JOYNER ES(Visual/Performing Arts)15849021-51963 E 103RD ST90002S View
HAMILTON HS(Academy of Music and Perfoming Arts)18686029-122955 S ROBERTSON BLVD90034W View
HENRY MS(Visual/Performing Arts)18174036-817340 SAN JOSE ST91344NW View
HILLCREST DR ES(Music)14528021-54041 HILLCREST DR90008W View
HOLLYWOOD HS(Performing Arts)18693029-121521 N HIGHLAND AVE90028W View
KING MS(Film/Media)18208016-84201 FOUNTAIN AVE90029C View
LOYOLA VILLAGE ES(Fine/Performing Arts)15014011-58821 VILLANOVA AVE90045W View
MARINA DEL REY MS(Performing Arts)18235026-812500 BRADDOCK DR90066W View
MILLIKAN CHARTER MS(Performing Arts)18238026-85041 SUNNYSLOPE AVE91423NE View
NUEVA VISTA ES(Visual/Performing Arts)12378023-54412 RANDOLPH ST90201E View
PACOIMA MS(Film/Media/Peforming Arts)18321026-89919 LAUREL CANYON BLVD91331NE View
RESEDA HS(Arts/Media/Entertainment)18814099-1218230 KITTRIDGE ST91335NW View
ROCKDALE ES(Visual/Performing Arts)16329011-61303 YOSEMITE DR90041C View
SOUTH SHORES ES(Visual/Performing Arts)16870011-52060 W 35TH ST90732S View
TORRES HS East L.A.(Performing Arts)18606019-124211 DOZIER ST90063E View
VAN NUYS HS(Performing Arts)18893049-126535 CEDROS AVE91411NE View
VERDUGO HILLS HS(Visual/Performing Arts)18914089-1210625 PLAINVIEW AVE91042NE View
WASHINGTON HS(Music Academy)18928029-1210860 S DENKER AVE90047W View