Science/Technology/Engineering/Math (STEM)

Science, Technology and Math Magnets are interdisciplinary, standards based, inquiry-based, and real world problem-based programs that teach students about STeM-related subjects. These programs are geared to the student’s interest in science, computer technology, and mathematics.
School Name School CodeGradesAddressZipLDTrans Info
107TH ST ES (Science/Technology/Engineering/Arts/Math)15857021-5147 E 107TH ST90003S View
93RD ST ES (Science/Technology/Engineering/Arts/Math)15582031-5330 E 93RD ST90003S View
ANGELES MESA ES (Design/Research/Engineering/Arts/Math/Science)12123021-52611 W 52ND ST90043W View
ANNALEE AV ES (Science/Technology/Engineering/Arts/Math)12146023-519410 S ANNALEE AVE90746S View
BANNING HS (Science/Technology/Engineering/Arts/Math)18529089-121527 LAKME AVE90744S View
BARTON HILL ES (Maritime/Science/Technology/Engineering/Arts/Math)12315021-6423 N PACIFIC AVE90731S View
BETHUNE MS (Science/Technology/Math)18060027-8155 W 69TH ST90003S View
BRENTWOOD ES (Science)12507011-5740 GRETNA GREEN WAY90049W View
BROADOUS ES (Science/Technology/Math)13829023-512561 FILMORE ST91331NE View
BRYSON AV ES (Science/Technology/Math)12589021-54470 MISSOURI AVE90280E View
BUCHANAN ST ES (Science/Technology/Math)1260302K-55024 BUCHANAN ST90042C View
BURBANK MS (Arts/Technology/Community)18066016-86460 N FIGUEROA ST90042C View
BYRD MS (Science/Technology/Math)18080026-88501 ARLETA AVE91352NE View
CANOGA PARK HS (Engineering & Environmental/Veterinary Science)18571029-126850 TOPANGA CYN BLVD91303NW View
CARTHAY ES (Environmental Studies)12849011-56351 W OLYMPIC BLVD90048W View
CIMARRON AV ES (Science/Technology/Engineering/Arts/Math)13082022-511559 CIMARRON AVE90250W View
CLIFFORD ST ES (Math/Technology)13110011-62150 DUANE ST90039C View
CRENSHAW HS (Science/Technology/Engineering/Math/Medicine)18596019-125010 11TH AVE90043W View
CURTISS MS (Science/Technology/Engineering/Arts/Math)18103026-81254 E HELMICK ST90746S View
DANA MS (Science/Technology/Engineering/Arts/Math)18104026-81501 S CABRILLO AVE90731S View
DAYTON HEIGHTS ES (Urban Environmental Science)13356023-5607 N WESTMORELAND AVE90004C View
DE LA TORRE ES (Science/Technology/Engineering/Arts/Math)12301021-5500 N ISLAND AVE90744S View
DORSEY HS (Science/Technology/Math)18600029-123537 FARMDALE AVE90016W View
DOWNTOWN HS (Computer Science/Digital Media Arts/Engineering)18738039-121081 W TEMPLE ST90012C View