magnet icon Magnet Transportation Information
Follow these steps to acquire Transportation Information:
Use Near School to find nearby schools within a reasonable distance that you would like your child to get on the bus or Magnet School to find a list of schools with nearby bus stop going to the selected Magnet school.

BEFORE MAKING YOUR SELECTION, contact the school to determine if the Magnet program offers transportation and if the closest pick-up/ drop-off point is a reasonable distance from your home. Routes and pick-up/drop-off locations have been established for the 2019- 2020 school year. District-paid transportation MAY be provided for ELEMENTARY (K-5/6) applicants if they reside outside a two-mile radius of the Magnet Program. District-paid transportation MAY be provided for SECONDARY (6-12) applicants if they reside outside a five-mile radius of the Magnet Program. This rule does not apply to students attending the following span schools: Arroyo Seco, Lake Balboa, Sherman Oaks Center for Enriched Studies, Westside Global Awareness and Western Av. Students with disabilities enrolling in a Magnet Program may also have access to transportation. Magnet programs may offer school to school transportation for eligible students. For information about existing bus routes, contact the school’s Magnet Coordinator or Transportation Services Division at 1-800-LABUSES or (213) 580-2900.

To determine the nearest schools or your resident school, please go to LAUSD School Finder.

NOTE: The maximum one-way riding time guideline for all students (grades Kindergarten through 12) is 90 minutes. This applies to all bus routes.