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What is the PWT program?
The Permits With Transportation (PWT) program is a Court-Ordered voluntary integration program available to students in grades 1-12 who live within a PWT sending school area. Parents may call (213) 241-6572 or go to to verify if the applicant lives in a PWT sending area. The PWT program provides students with integrated experiences by placing Hispanic, Black, Asian and Other Non-Anglo students in integrated settings while providing opportunities for Other White (OW) students to attend Predominantly Hispanic, Black, Asian and Other Non-Anglo (PHBAO) schools. School assignments in the PWT Program are made by the District.

What do I do first if I am interested in PWT?
Check to see if you live in a PWT sending area click by clicking here. If YES, select the PWT section only on the application. If NO, review the Magnet Program .

Can I choose the school I want for my child?
No, the District assigns a school to you.

Why does the District select the school?
Enrollment meetings to verify that space is available in schools takes place after the Choices deadline date. This makes it impossible to name PWT receiving schools before April of each year.

Where will the student be picked-up?
The students will be picked up at the nearest pick up point closest to their home. You will be notified about transportation by US mail the week before the new school year begins. For information about existing bus routes please call (213) 580-2950.

Do I need to reapply every year if the student does not get in?
Provided that space continues to be available, PWT students may continue from elementary to middle to high school without reapplying. Also, when space is available, the PWT program will assign siblings to the same school if an application is submitted. New PWT applicants need to reapply on a yearly basis if the student does not get into PWT the first year. Once he/she is in PWT you do not need to reapply yearly.

If I have two children, can they both attend a PWT receiving school?
Yes, if space is available and they reside in a PWT sending area and both applications are returned before the deadline date, both children could participate in the selection process.

Do PWT receiving schools have waiting lists?
Yes, PWT receiving schools have waiting lists if more students apply than there is space available at the school.

Do I have to transfer my child if I don’t want to?
You do not have to transfer your child. You may decide that keeping him or her at their current school is the best choice.

What if my child is a special education student?
If your child is receiving special education services, they must be implemented per the Individualized Education Program (IEP). The Division of Special Education will assist in making the PWT program assignment according to the child’s IEP and the District’s guidelines.

What kind of program will my child be enrolled in at the PWT school?
Your child may participate in all programs and activities available at the PWT school.

May I participate in the school/community activities at the PWT school?
Yes. Parents are encouraged to participate in advisory councils, school site councils, PTA, and other functions at the PWT school.

Do I still have to enroll my child at the PWT school when I receive my Confirmation Letter?
Yes. When you receive the Confirmation Letter, contact the PWT school to get information about the school’s enrollment procedures.

When will my child get called from the waiting list?
Calls to students on the waiting list may begin as early as April and continue through the fourth week of the fall semester. Students may also be called during the first two weeks of the spring semester.

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