Executive Director’s Message

Dear L.A. Unified Friends and Family,

In L.A. Unified we recognize our students’ cultural and linguistic assets. We are committed to providing language pathways that will enable our students to develop and strengthen their creative, academic, cultural, and economic workforce capabilities. L.A. Unified offers programs in grades K to 12 where students can become bilingual/biliterate and culturally competent, participate in the CA Seal of Biliteracy, and be prepared to enter and compete in the global economy. All students benefit and thrive in dual language/bilingual programs especially English Learners who speak other languages.

We are fortunate to live in one of the world’s most linguistically and culturally diverse cities where students can celebrate their differences and learn to appreciate the wonderful ways in which language connects us all. Participation in Dual/bilingual programs provides students benefits such as improved awareness and understanding of other cultures stronger family and heritage connections, enhanced decision making and problem-solving skills, enriched academic performance resulting in a competitive global citizen!


Hilda Maldonado

Hilda Maldonado
Executive Director
Multilingual and Multicultural Education Department
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