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Dear L.A. Unified Friends and Family,

The overall vision of the Multilingual and Multicultural Education Department is to promote an assets-based education, bilingualism, and biliteracy for all students. With an assets-based approach, we honor the languages our students bring as we help them to develop academic proficiency in English and the language of the program, as well as recognize their cultural and linguistic assets. We are committed to providing language pathways that will enable our students to develop and strengthen their creative, academic, sociocultural, and economic workforce capabilities.

L.A. Unified is excited to offer programs in six languages for students in grades TK-12 and are committed to providing pathways so that students can participate in the CA Seal of Biliteracy and achieve bilingualism, multilingualism, and biliteracy. Research has indicated that students who participate in Dual Language Education programs, have increased academic performance, awareness and understanding of other cultures, stronger family and heritage connections, enhanced problem-solving skills, and are able to compete in the global economy. All students benefit and thrive in dual language education programs, especially English Learners who speak other languages!


Lydia Acosta Stephens
Executive Director,
Multilingual and Multicultural Education Department
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