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General Application Guidelines

This letter indicates errors found and displays Magnet priority points, if applicable. Parent/guardians must return corrections by the deadline stated in the letter. No changes will be made after the deadline. For information on the Magnet Priority Point System in the Magnet Home page under "How are students selected".
Applicants for Gifted/Highly Gifted Magnets, Schools for Advanced Studies and Admission Criteria Schools will receive a letter indicating if the student has met the criteria for each applicable program. Eligible applicants proceed to the selection process in March. Ineligible applicants will be removed from the selection process for those schools. For information about program- specific eligibility criteria and the verification process, please see specific eligibility criteria.
This letter indicates a selection or waiting list status for the school(s) to which he/she has applied. If selected, the parent/ guardian may accept or decline online or by calling the school by the deadline stated in the letter. No response is considered a decline. All declines are final. If on a waiting list, the parent/ guardian will be called by the school if space becomes available.
October 1- November 15, 2019
Parents/guardians may receive up to THREE correspondences throughout the Choices application process. Paper applicants will receive letters via U.S. mail, and online applicants will receive letters via their online parent account.
  • Before applying, please call the school to obtain information regarding the school’s orientation meeting, tours, uniform requirements, bus route information (if applicable) and other pertinent information.
  • By completing the Choices application, the parent or guardian agrees to abide by the uniform policy or dress code set by the program.
  • You may apply to as many Choices programs as you like.
  • Submit a new application if the child’s name remained on a waiting list last year, if you wish to change from one program to another, or if your child will be culminating (e.g., from elementary or middle school).
  • Do not submit a new application if your child is currently enrolled in a Choices program and wishes to continue in the same program.
  • Multiple-birth applicants (e.g. twins, triplets) must reside at the same address and apply to the same program (first choice only) in the same year in order to be placed consecutively in the Choices selection process.
  • Siblings of students who have left the school, have culminated, or will culminate this school year, do not have sibling priority. Siblings must reside at the same address at the time of application. It is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to verify that the siblings have the same address on file in the District’s computer system at the current L.A. Unified school of attendance by the application deadline.
  • To receive sibling priority, parent/guardian must indicate each sibling on the Choices application or list all siblings in their Apply account.
  • If selected, parent/guardian may accept or decline online or by calling the school by the deadline on the Selection/Waiting List Letter. If the parent/ guardian’s response is not received by the deadline, it is considered a decline. All declines are final.
  • You may only accept one Choices placement.
  • If the student does not get selected, he or she will be placed on a waiting list for his or her first choice within each applicable program. Affiliated Charter applicants who are not selected will be placed on the waiting list for each affiliated charter school to which they applied.
  • Students on a waiting list may be contacted regarding an open seat.
  • Applicants currently enrolled in a Choices program who apply, are selected and accept another Choices program will automatically be dropped from their current program.
  • If a student declines a Magnet placement, they will forfeit their Magnet priority points.
  • If you submit an application and would like to remove your application from the selection process, you must send a written request by December 13, 2019, to: Unified Enrollment, 333 S. Beaudry Ave., 25th Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90017
  • If multiple On-Time Choices applications are submitted for the same student, the first online application will be considered valid and all others will be disregarded.
  • Choices applications cannot be edited after November 15, 2019

Kindergarten and First Grade Applicants

Pursuant to California Education Code Sections 46300, 48000, 48010 and Senate Bill 1381, students entering kindergarten are required to be age 5 by September 1st, and students entering first grade are required to be age 6 by September 1st. Students who do not meet the age requirements are not eligible to apply for or enroll in a Choices program. Students must meet the age eligibility requirement regardless of current school year grade placement. All grade placement decisions are made by the school principal at the school of enrollment.

Prior to admission of a child into kindergarten or first grade, the parent/guardian shall present proof that the child is of the minimum age for enrollment as required by law. Falsification of information will result in the applicant’s removal from the program. It is the responsibility of the parent or legal guardian to complete the application correctly.